Services offered

We offer services in fields such as:

• Technical Studies and Investigations
• Biodiversity Studies and Tracking Endangered Species
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Wildlife and Forest Management
• Integrated Coastal and Wetland Management
• Mangrove Forest Management
• Aquaculture and Fisheries
• Saline Wasteland Development
• Damage Assessment and Habitat Restoration
• Erosion and Disaster Mitigation
• Water Harvesting and Watershed Management
• Landscape Design and Restoration Activities
• Trainings, Education and Extension
• Land Use and Resource Planning and Management using RS-GIS Approach
• Strategic natural resource conservation and management plans
• Oswin’s Eco-Green Archetypes

Landscaping Services

(For industries, residential or commercial complex and farm houses)

1. Basic Landscape designs

  1. Lawns, ornamental plants
  2. Customized designs for terrace and ground
  3. Irrigation systems
  4. Fountains
  5. Rock garden
  6. Fully grown trees like avenue trees, coconut and palm varieties, etc.,
  7. Organic gardens for homes and farm houses

2. Terrace Garden (within City limits)

•  Terrace garden for Aesthetic benefits, Economic benefits, Ecological benefits or customized design
•  Water proofing for terrace garden
•  Rock works in terrace and ground
•  Gazivo's

3. Training workshops and Awareness program

•  Benefits of green homes and environment
•  Basic horticulture techniques